#Decarbonising the estate of the #NHS, the UK’s largest employer and responsible for around 5% of the UK’s carbon footprint, could create a significant impact in UK’s race to #netzero. It’s a complex challenge that requires a whole-system approach that considers both demand and generation, as well as the building users wellbeing and participation.

This panel will discuss some of the challenges facing healthcare buildings when switching to low-carbon heating and underline the importance of addressing energy efficiency at the same time.

Sharing learning from recent decarbonisation work with four NHS Trusts, our Design Director Oliver Riley will present the case that the traditional approach to the complex engineering required has resulted in performance gaps.

He will outline how we can solve this in a way that benefits both people and nature through a mindset change focused on holistic approaches, a new mix of skills and true partnerships. This is how we will achieve transformational #decarbonisation across energy systems in this sector.

We believe we can only achieve the change that’s needed together.

Learn more & Register: https://lnkd.in/e9FAQjTb