Bunhill II Heat Pump and Network

The Bunhill II scheme is a 4th generation heat network operated by London Borough of Islington to support affordable, sustainable heat for local residents, as part of their focus on tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

This pioneering waste heat recovery scheme is the first in the UK, and one of the first in Europe.

Low Grade Heat Recovery

The project is an extension of the existing Bunhill I District Heating System in Islington, currently supplying 850 dwellings, to supply a further 500 dwellings.

The principal heat source is an ammonia heat pump allowing low grade heat recovery from a London Underground ventilation shaft located on City Road where 18-28°C air is exhausted to atmosphere as part of the Northern Line tunnel ventilation system.

The captured heat will transfer into the heat network to supply the properties and the system is capable of being reversed in summer months to supply cool air into the tube tunnels.

Silver Expertise

Silver EMS’ Technical Director Anthony Riddle, has provided engineering services to Islington Council on the Bunhill II scheme since 2014. This includes development of Stage 3 design, technical specifications for procurement of a Stage 4 D&B contractor, Employer’s Agent role during contract execution phase.

Specialist & technical advice and support services include claim evaluation, sign off for D&B contractor design and approach to the contractor’s commissioning plan and proposals.

Bunhill II recently won the New London Architecture 2020 Environmental Prize Award.