Decarbonising the NHS estate requires a new way of thinking.

We believe the #climate challenge is primarily an #energy challenge. #Decarbonising the estate of the #NHS, the UK’s largest employer, has the opportunity to create a significant impact in UK’s race to #netzero. However, the traditional engineering approach to the complex engineering required has resulted in performance gaps.

We need a mindset change focused on holistic approaches, a new mix of skills and true partnerships to achieve transformational #decarbonisation across energy systems in this sector.

In this keynote talk, our Design Director Oliver Riley and Chris Davis of tech company Hysopt will explain how their partnership which combines engineering with digital tools focuses on reducing risk, cost and underperformance for the NHS estate.

We believe we can only achieve the change that’s needed together. #startwithzero

Our Design Director, Oliver Riley, with Chris Davis of Hysopt, will be speaking at the Institute of Government & Public Policy’s event “Transforming the NHS Estate 2021” on 9th December.