Let’s just stop today.

Many of us are aware that what we are doing as an industry is causing untold harm to our planet. The latest IPCC report (link below) carries ever starker warnings that we need to move our business practices in the built environment from minimising harm to creating places that support healthier communities and regenerate nature.

Whatever stage in this journey we are at, we all need to make sure we do not dilute the impact of these good intentions by adding some good practices whilst continuing with the old.

By simply thinking “What should we stop?” we can create enough space to make a real difference.

So this Earth Day , perhaps we can start with two simple questions:

– What do you need to stop so you can create healthier places that support local communities and support the natural environment?
– What can you stop to allow you the time to think deeply about the changes you want to see?

There are many formats in which to do this – here’s one idea that might help:

Let us know what you stop! We’d love to hear. 👇

The latest IPCC report -April 2022: https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-working-group-3/