GML Ealing:
Energy Facilities Management

Silver Energy Management Solutions Limited (Silver EMS) are employed by A2Dominion to operate the Decentralised Heating Energy System serving the prestigious Green Man Lane Development.

The appointment

The appointment results from Silver EMS winning a 10-year term agreement with the A2Dominion Group of companies for Engineering Consultancy, MEP Design, ESCo Consultancy, Design Validation, MEP Site Inspection and Energy Facilities Management.

About the development

The Green Man Lane estate in the London Borough of Ealing is being regenerated as part of a joint venture between A2Dominion and Rydon.

The existing scheme will make way for circa 840 new homes developed in multiple phases to accommodate relocation of families from the local area.

Decentralised Energy System

The decentralised energy system will provide low carbon space heating and domestic hot water to the entire development and uniquely will also provide additional connections serving 2 further developments situated along the Broadway bringing the total properties served by the decentralised system to over 1000 residential units.

Silver EMS were initially employed to provide validation of the design and installation of the decentralised system prior to adoption under the Energy Facilities Management service.

Silver EMS continue to provide specialist consultancy to Rydon and A2Dominion in respect to engineering of the overarching masterplan design.

Contact information

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