New London Architecture (NLA) Zero Carbon London report launches on 11th November 2020.

The report uses the results of a survey of over 170 built environment professionals, looking at the key challenges of the sector, for London’s roadmap to net zero. The report analyses current policies from both city and local governments and reviews how the private sector is addressing the challenge by setting ambitious standards and developing new industry frameworks.

GreenSCIES will feature in the report’s project showcase with its ambitious aims to deliver a revolutionary low-cost, smart energy grid integrating low carbon energy technologies across heat, power and mobility. It aims to supply over 33,000 residents and 70 local businesses in the London Borough of Islington through a 5th generation District Heating network delivering 80% carbon savings and lowering consumer bills.

Silver EMS are leading the Technical Design work package and developing solutions using Hysopt’s CIBSE award winning specialist software tool to perform design optimisations of the ambient loop, heat pumps, ATES and building level thermal storage and heat exchanger systems.

Book here to join the launch and hear more at the NLA webinar on Wednesday 11th November at 10.00am