We are delighted to announce Jean-Michel has joined Silver EMS as Director of Energy Services. We asked him a couple questions about how he will be supporting the built environment from both our London & Manchester offices.

As engineers, how can we best serve the built environment?

I’m passionate about addressing the world’s climate and energy challenges. I believe the best way to help our clients is to provide a systems-thinking approach to projects that includes learning, intelligence, analysis, engineering, performance and regeneration. Change starts with learning, and that’s how we help our clients build strong foundations to simultaneously tackle the world’s energy challenges – energy security, economic competitiveness and environmental resilience.

What’s unique about working with Silver EMS?

At Silver EMS, we design critical energy infrastructure from a holistic perspective. We believe that many of the world’s complex human, social and environmental challenges are interconnected, and if we are to solve one, we must solve all. We support clients using our unique ‘Design to Elevate’ framework to ensure all projects are centred on advancing Human+Social+Environmental resilience.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you raise your organisation’s sustainability capacity and deliver just energy transitions, don’t hesitate to contact me: jeanmichel.bellas@silverems.com.