Silver EMS Energy Facilities Management Service

The Silver Energy Facilities Management service was launched in 2014 to meet the demand for specialise maintenance of de-centralised energy systems, also known as community energy.

The Service

The backbone of the service focuses on the quality of water in the main system. The water is tested each quarter by independent laboratory with the results tracked to provide variance in water state over time. Intelligent alarming provides our in-house engineers with instruction-based alarms decreasing response times and maintaining our first-time fix rate of 99.95%.

System Operational Efficiency

The client has monthly oversite of the services though regular Operation Efficiency meetings where targeted criteria of operation are monitored and presented to the client on a rolling basis. These criteria set the performance benchmarks for the following month and year targeting continual improvement of all aspects of the service and operational dynamics.

Site Wide Services Design

In addition to the decentralised energy system, Silver EMS provided site wide services design and coordination for all phases.

Silver EMS continue to provide specialist consultancy to Rydon and A2Dominion in respect to engineering of the overarching masterplan design.


Contact information

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